Atkins vs. South Beach

I’ve been on the Atkins Diet for a little over four weeks and I’ve lost 11 pounds. I knew the diet worked before trying it because I watched several co-workers where I use to work just melt away their weight on this diet. For the most part they kept it off for over a year. A little weight came back over that time but what’s a five pound weight gain over a year when you dropped forty pounds the previous six months?

However, I’m considering changing over to a similar diet, the South Beach Diet. My reasons aren’t due any lack of confidence in Atkins, I know it works. The reasons for this is that I do not believe I can sustain Atkins for the long haul. I’m also concerned about the ambivilence that Atkins seems to have toward saturated fats.

Both diets are based on keeping blood sugar levels stable, keeping the body’s need for insulin at a flat rate. Both diets eschew sugars and highly refined flours and meals. The difference is that while Atkins wants you to limit your intake of all carbohydrates, South Beach just wants you to limit your intake of certain carbohydrates. While Atkins doesn’t care about the amount or types of fat you consume, South Beach wants you to avoid saturated fats and transfats.

I switch over this weekend to South Beach. I’ll keep you posted on the results. I want to lose another ten pounds. Let’s see if I’m there in another month.