The Lights Went Out

The lights went out in the Northeast today. This doesn’t appear to be the job of terrorist or anything, just an overloaded circuit, I’m guessing. Sort of like what happened in ’65.

I’m not reporting this here so that you will know about it because there isn’t a chance that anyone has not heard about it. It’s been on the news constantly since it occurred. Mayors have been interviewed, emergency personnel have been interviewed and the man and woman on the street have been interviewed. You know what these interviews have told us? That the power is out in the Northeast and people are inconvenienced and having to do without air conditioning and they are stuck in traffic jams. That’s it. No rioting or looting is being reported. No serious accidents and no injuries reported. It took fifteen minutes of the ABC World News Tonight to convey that bit of information.

Look, I know this is a significant event that will be recorded in history. I know that millions of people were affected by it, but billions of people weren’t. I want to know about Nigeria. Surely something happened there worth reporting today. Just a 30 second segment worth? Perhaps France is doing something to piss off US diplomats. But if I’m depending on ABC World News Tonight to tell me, I’ll not know tonight.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on them for dwelling on news that has no effect on me but I get tired of it. I’m tired of listening to my own local news do a better job of keeping me informed of national and international events better than the network news does. I’m tired of the network news sounding like a local New York City newscast. It’s just so… provincial.