A Tip for Those on Atkins – No.1

When I first started the Atkins diet I would walk into a fast food restaurant, order a sandwich and throw away the bread. This seemed like an awful waste to me. I started ordering my sandwiches and asking them to hold the bread. I got no odd looks, just a plastic bowl from Wendy’s and Burger King with the makings of the sandwich without the bread. Not only was I not wasting bread but the sandwich was served to me in a container that made it less messy to eat.

I’m mentioning this because I was eating with some friends at a Wendy’s the other day and one of them who was also doing the Atkins diet remarked how she would have never thought about ordering the sandwich that way. Hey, the Burger King motto for years was, “Have it your way.”

For those of you interested, I’ve lost the twenty pounds I wanted to lose in eight weeks. I had to increase my carb intake just to avoid losing the weight too fast. I’ve also switched over to the South Beach diet and I’ve added a three mile walk to my daily regimen.

The South Beach diet allows carbs as long as these foods have a low glycemic index. Potatoes, white flour, white rice and sugar are still taboo but a lot of fruits and whole grain pastas are allowed. Overall I think it is a more nutritionally sound diet.