Dusting Away the Lint

On and off over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a little tweaking to my Blosxom templates and plugins to make this site valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and clean up the CSS to be valid CSS. It was close when I first put it up but there were some problems in some of the plugins I was using and in my templates.

My next goal is to get this site to pass the WAI Content Accessibility Guidelines for support level AAA. I pass the section 508 guidelines now and the priority 1 guidelines for WAI Content Accessibility but there are some design issues I need to address to pass the priority 2 and 3 guidelines.

Why am I doing this? Well, markup and stylesheets need to be valid. Valid markup and stylesheets just makes cross-platform design problems easier to find and fix. As far as the accessability guidelines go, though, I don’t expect there to be many readers of this site to require that degree of accessability but I want it to be there for the few that may require it and want to read my content.