A Pocket Full of Cards

I had to take Nick to the doctor today. He had a mild case of strep throat. This is the first trip he’s had to the doctor since we moved here from Chattanooga so that meant getting his insurance information straight with the doctor’s business office.

Our health insurance issues a card for each family member and you have to declare a primary care physician for each member of the family. That family member can only be treated by that physician or by a physician that the primary care physician has referred you to if you want the insurance company to pay the bill. I didn’t have Nick’s card.

I did have my card, my dental card and my eye care card but not his card and I didn’t know his number that was postfixed to our insurance ID number. I also have a different primary care physician than he has. I had to call the insurance company.

While I was on the phone I got this idea about a single super user card that I could carry around with me that would be my driver’s license, my hunting and fishing license, my library card, my Blockbuster Movie rental card, my Kroger Plus card and all my insurance cards all wrapped into one. I suggested my idea to the lady on the phone. She wasn’t very receptive to the idea.

“It can’t be done,” she said to me.

“Why not,” I asked?

“Our system just doesn’t work that way,” she replied. “We can’t just change our whole system to accomodate just one customer,” she continued.

I could tell right then that she didn’t really grasp the concept that I was going for. I asked her if there was anyone there I could bounce my idea off of and see if we could come up with something and she told me no. Evidently I was talking to the person with all the answers for my insurance company. She seemed pretty confident in her self, but she was nice enough so I didn’t push anything… this time.

I took Nick home and headed to the drugstore to get his perscription filled. He wasn’t in their files yet so they needed my insurance card or they were going to charge me full price for the drugs. I didn’t have a perscription card in my pocket. I use to have one but I have no idea where it got off to. They were able to get the information they needed from my record that they had on file but this gave me the opportunity to count the number of cards I was carrying while going through them looking for my perscription card.

I carry just my essentials in a front pocket wallet and everything else in my checkbook. I only carry my checkbook about half the time. In my front pocket wallet I carry seven cards. In my checkbook I carry twenty two cards. In a box at home I have another seventeen cards that I’ll probably need one day and not have.

Imagine sitting on these forty-six cards while you are driving around town.

Now you understand why I want my one super card. The current system is a literal pain in the ass.