A Need for Religion

I have a need for religion. It’s something that I have to have in my life to feel complete. That doesn’t mean that I always believe, just that I always come back to believing.

Because of my sometimes disbelief I’ve felt a little reluctant to volunteer for certain roles in my church. I have a problem with lying, especially to children, so teaching Bible stories to young children in a traditional sense makes me nervous. Children take things so literally and ask hard questions because of this, especially about allegorical stories. What if I give an answer that isn’t along the lines of what mommy or daddy has told them? Religous purity is important stuff in some families.

I’m telling you this to help you understand how refreshing it was to me to find Real Live Preacher though a reference on Flutterby. Here’s a preacher who seems to have the same tendency that I have in struggling with belief but always finding himself coming back to believing, or ,more accurately, always being faithful. And he has the same idea that I do that there are no bad words just badly used words. Imagine that.

Because I was raised in a Southern Baptist church I was especially touched by his story about his friend, Tom. There are many other gems on his site and I look forward to finding time to browse through his archives.