A Proposal for A Workable Business Model for Digital Content

I’ve mentioned several times that instead of sueing their customers and crying to congress for new laws that the recording artists need to move on to a business model that works with the current technology. What I haven’t done is suggest a new model to replace the old one. I think that in order to maintain any credibility on this subject I ought to point out one that I believe could work.

ASCAP is an organization that collects royalties for public, non-dramatic performances of their members works. These royalties are collected in the form of a license that gives the holder the right to "any or all of the millions of musical works in the ASCAP repertory." Why not extend a similar license to individual downloaders? Similar licenses are available from BMI for many artists who are not represented by ASCAP.

Why couldn’t these organizations offer a download site that allows one to pay a fixd price per month and download as much music as they like for as long as they hold a license? It would be much cleaner and easier than sueing the customer. Wouldn’t it?