New Job

Yesterday I accepted a job doing something I’ve never done before. Sometime next week I will begin working for a major national electronics retailer. I’ll be selling digital cameras and camcorders. I’ve never held a job in retail before.

I’ve got mixed emotions about this. The job will be paying me significantly less than I’m accustomed to be making but it will get me back out around people and that’s something that I sorely miss. Also the job market is looking up in my field. I’ve had two interviews with engineering companies lately with a second interview at on of them this coming Monday and confirmation that I’m still under consideration at the other. I definately don’t want to leave my new employer in a lurch if either of those two places make me an offer.

Still, what am I to do? I may not receive an offer from either place and unemployment won’t last forever. What I’d like to happen is to continue working for my new employer on a weekend and evenings schedule and take the other job too.

I was asked by all three people who interviewed me, the department manager, the sales manager and the store manager, what I’d do if a job came open in my field. I told them I’d ask for a reduction in my hours. They seemed agreeable to that but I have no idea how either perspective employer might feel about my holding down a second job.

I guess I’ll cross that bridge if I get to it.