NBC Playing Games?

Move the Crowd pointed to PVRBlog telling about NBCs antics with their scheduling. It seems that NBC is trying to screw up the ability of recording some shows on CBS along with their shows in different time slots by causing scheduling conflicts. For example, CSI runs from 9pm-10pm on CBS on Thursday nights while ER normally runs from 10pm-11pm. In order to bump CSI out of being recorded and then ER being recorded ER is now scheduled to run from 10:59pm-11pm. If ER is set at the higher priority then CSI doesn’t record because of a scheduling conflict and vice-versa. Not that any of this reall bothers me, I rarely watch TV, except for Monster Garage and American Chopper, and I don’t own a PVR. I will occassionally watch CSI but I don’t believe I’ve ever watched an entire episode of ER and I can’t stand the rest of the shows in NBCs lineup.