Boot Scooting with Terri Clark

I told Gerri that when I went back to work I’d take her to a local Country and Western night club for a night out. As luck would have it, Terri Clark was playing at Wild Bill’s last night, the first Friday night after finding regular employment.

It was fun. Terri is now my favorite guitarist. I knew she played but I didn’t realize how good she was until seeing her performance. I was amazed at her picking prowess.

She did a selection’s of the songs she played at the Orchid Lounge in Nashville when she first started out which included about four John Anderson songs that she did in John’s voice. The girl has a knack for comedy. If you get a chance to see one of her shows it’s well worth it. She’s not only country, she rocks, too.

Aside from the concert, Wild Bill’s was also a great place to do people watching. I hadn’t been out to a night club like this in quite some time, like ten years or longer, and things really hadn’t changed so much. I enjoyed watching the lounge lizards in cowboy hats getting shot down in flames and not being a bit deterred by that and going on to their next victim, occassionally having success. I enjoyed watching the girls who came there just to dance, with anyone, dancing to the dance floor and dancing back off again. I enjoyed watching the people wearing what they really shouldn’t have been wearing until they had spent a few years at the gym. A totally entertaining evening.

Oh, they had a mechanical bull, too. It was right next to our table.