My Own Economic Indicator

I’ve got a personal economic indicator that is telling me that things are looking up. This indicator is the number of callbacks resulting from all the resume’s I’ve sent out over the last few months. As I stated below, this past week saw me interviewing and being offered a job that I accepted on Monday, a phone interview with another company prior to my interview with the company that I’m now employed by and, since then, several e-mails requesting more information and another couple of companies wanting to interview me.

Now, my getting a lot of interests in my resumes isn’t much in itself but considering the types of nibbles and hard bites I’ve received this is telling me something. One of the companies I interviewed with is a distributor for automation equipment and software. The job they were hiring to fill was a customer support type position that also required developing prototypes for customers to use to know if what they were wanting to do is possible. This tells me they see their customers gearing up to implement new processes and upgrade older ones.

Another company that wanted to interview me but I had already accepted the job with my current employer is looking to upgrade their plant and they wanted to hire people to enable them to do this in house, something you just don’t do unless you are looking at a the project becoming an ongoing job. The company makes mats for industrial work areas, kitchens, etc., the kind that covers concrete floors to give the workers a little cushion under their feet. If this type of business is ramping up what does that tell you about manufacturing?

Yet another company that I interviewed with was seeking a service tech for automated chicken processing equipment. They are looking at their sales expanding and want to make sure that they have people available to resolve service issues with their equipment.

The company that hired me is an electrical engineering company that is getting more work than their current staff can easily handle. Their customers are manufacturers looking to improve productivity or are starting up new lines. Most of their customers are domestic and located throughout the US but I was told I needed to have my passport in order in case I needed to travel overseas unexpectedly.

In July there were no jobs out there and over the nine months since my previous employer closed their Atlanta office I have managed to pick up only a handful of short term projects. Starting in August some jobs started appearing and this month I’m seeing new postings daily and getting people calling me daily. This is not just my job search skills getting better, jobs are appearing and the types of jobs are indication of more jobs opening up on down the pike for manufacturing.

Anyway, that’s my indicator. If you see any flaws in my reasoning please point them out to me but I believe we are looking at unemployment numbers starting to drop in the near future. At least I’m hoping that’s the case.