First Week On The New Job

I’ve just spent the first full week on the new job and so far I’m convinced that I made the correct choice in accepting the position. I’ve been given ownership of the code for a tool we use and told to make it useful enough for the project I begin in earnest next week. I think I’ve been successful and it’s a good thing too because I’ll need this tool for the work I’ve been assigned. It could save me a a few days work on a project phase that I only have two full weeks to complete.

This project I begin next week is scheduled to last at least through the middle of February with my being scheduled to be on site from December through the end of the project so I’m looking at spending my winter in Tucson, AZ. I’ll be coming home on weekends and will be home the week of Christmas but I’ll still miss my family while I’m there. Even though I dread the time away from them I’m still excited about the trip. Tucson is suppose to be one of the best cities in the US for bicycling. I guess I’ll have my bike shipped out there if it looks like I can get some cycling in during my stay.

I really like the people I work with. There has been very little idle conversation with most people concentrating on work and that’s the type of environment I prefer. I think this is a place where I can be very productive.