It isn’t so much writer’s block as it is that I just don’t have anything to say. I guess I could have written about my trip to Dahlonega last weekend but I went there, looked though some shops with Gerri, had a decent, but not great meal at an Italian restaurnt there and then came home. I forgot my camera so I don’t even have any pictures of the trip. I enjoyed myself but all in all I don’t think I have anything interesting enough about the trip that you would care to read about.

I guess I could be writing about the Bush administration’s PR blitz on the good things that are being accomplished in Iraq but really what is there to say? I haven’t had time to check it all out with this new job and I have no idea how much is hype and how much is accurate. How can I write about what I don’t know?

The thing is, I’m doing fine and I’m very busy with a paying job. My lack of writing doesn’t mean that there are problems, the opposite is the case. I’m just too busy to write and too busy to involve myself in things that are interesting to write about. Maybe this coming week will give me something to write about. If not then maybe I need to just let this weblog rest for a few weeks.