Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls Gorge

A road trip Saturday took Gerri and me into the NE Georgia mountains. Tallulah Falls State Park was the highlight of the day. We did some hiking around the top of the gorge. The photo to the right was taken on a swinging bridge across the gorge.

Dillard, Georgia was the northern terminus of the trip. We had a late lunch at the Dillard House before turning back to Lawrenceville. The meal there was delicious but also a little overwhelming. They serve you “Family Style” which means they bring out bowls of food to your table and you serve yourself from the bowls. There were three different meats and about seven different vegatables served. That was a lot of food for just two people.

Other towns along the way were Homer, Clarkesville and Rabun Gap. The scenery was wonderful but the fall colors weren’t quite as vibrant as I had hoped. Still, it was a very enjoyable day trip. I look forward to doing it again sometime.