Study supports tougher state seat belt laws

The one thing that can get me motivated to write is people proposing laws to protect me from myself. The National Safety Council has released a study concluding that fatal crashes could be reduced significantly if 30 states enacted tougher seat belt laws. Now, I’ve worn a seatbelt religiously for the past twenty-five years. I may involve myself in some high risks activities but I believe in taking safety precautions no matter what I’m doing to reduce risks to a minimum. That’s something I choose to do for myself. I don’t need government making those decisions for me.

I think that’s why I was put off by the following comment in the story:

“These laws are viewed by some legislators as the line between enough government and too much government,” Hurley says. “We feel strongly the fight for personal freedom ought to take place on some other level.”

What other level? We’re talking about personal responsibility here. What other level is there to fight for personal freedom?