Conspiracy No More?

Last night I watched the ABC News special on the death of John F. Kennedy. The show did a real good job of showing that the single bullet theory that has been the brunt of so many jokes is accurate and should be considered fact. The only question that wasn’t answered for me, wasn’t even addressed is the discreprencies in the descriptions of President Kennedy’s head wound.

In several accounts that I’ve heard there was an exit wound in the back of President Kennedy’s head. If this is the case then I can’t see how he could have been shot from behind. The Zapruder film doesn’t show him turning around and looking back at the Book Depository.

Still, after seeing the 3D model that was used and the view from the sniper scope as the shots were fired I have to say that Lee Harvey Oswald had to have been one of the best shots alive to have fired off those three shots as fast as he did and hit where he hit.