Forty Days in the Desert

Well, I’m back. I don’t know if it was exactly forty days but it was somewhere around there. On December 1 I left my home in Lawrenceville, GA for Tucson, AZ. I was back for five days during Christmas but other than that I’ve been living in Tucson. Now I’m back in Lawrenceville, hopefully, for a few months looking for the next project.

A lot of things happened while I was gone, Saddam was captured, Dean was successfully crucified over showing some passion in a speech, we landed a couple of vehicles on Mars and Captain Kangaroo died. I’ve had thoughts on all of those and more but I think I’ll start fresh tomorrow and try to post at least once a day for the next few weeks on things that are happening as they happen. I’ve also got some more pictures to post from my Tucson trip.

One thing I will be commenting on tomorrow stems from some things that happened on the job in Tucson. I know some of you may not be interested but there are reasons that they make both proximity switches and photoeyes and there are reasons that they make dozens of different models of each. I’ll explain more tomorrow.