Nothing Will Evolve in Georgia

I moved to Georgia from Tennessee almost two years ago. I like living here a lot more than I thought I ever would and for now I consider this my home until I die. I’m happy here. I’m just not happy with everything happening here.

It seems that from here on out Kathy Cox, our state schools superintendent, doesn’t want things to continue to evolve here. She want them to "biologically change over time". I’m not joking.

New middle and high school science standards proposed by state Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox strike references to "evolution" and replace them with the term “biological changes over time,” a revision critics say will further weaken learning in a critical subject.

Now, for the most part, these new proposed standards are a step forward for Georgia. The change in the state wide curriculum is something that has been needed for some time. However, this one little deference to the creationist crowd is a big step backwards and a stumbling block for getting this improved curriculum approved. I’m hoping it gets ammended in the next few days. Kathy Cox isn’t commenting on it publicly as of this morning.

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