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More On Adam Liston


I just ran across this.

The Davis Board of Education voted Thursday to expel Davis High senior Adam Liston, then voted to suspend the expulsion and let Liston re-enroll in the district – but only as a student at King High School or the Davis School for Independent Study.

State law needs to stay out of things that are best left to communities to handle.


Yet Another Stupid Application of Zero Tolerance

I just received a comment on my post Another Stupid Application of Zero Tolerence that blew me away. Young Adam Liston had taken a buddy to a firing range and… well, let me use his words:

My name is Adam Liston. I read your article about the 14 year old and have a similar story that might interest you. I am a 12th grader in California, and on my way to the shooting range, I dropped my buddy off back at my high school, and a maintinence man saw my shotgun in my rack in the parking lot next to the school. As a result, the next day at school I was arrested and spent the day in county jail, I now face felony charges for being within 1000 feet of a school, my arraignment is tomorrow (feb 13) and will find out the formal charges. I have been suspended for the last month, and had the last 10 hours of the 30 hour expulsion hearing today. The entire community has been saying to take a look at my case in separate light, due to the fact there was no harm intended and that im a good kid. The school is now saying they need to consider “consistency”, because they recently expelled a gang banger for having a pistol at school. This is just the type of bullshit that is evident in the 14 year old’s case. Feel free to put this story up on your site, I think people would find it interesting how fucking GREAT zero tolerance is.

This kid is being charged with a felony folks. That’s take away most of your rights serious. If his story is as he tells it, and for now I have no reason to doubt it, he will lose his right to vote, own a firearm, hold public office or any job requiring a security clearance. All this over being too close to a school yard with a shotgun in his car after coming home from a place where he was legally allowed to fire this weapon. And we wonder why we have a million of our citizens sitting behind bars. It’s too damn easy to get into trouble.

Locking Down Our Borders


I’ve been having a conversation with some friends about securing our borders. Most of them believe we need to lock things down and stop illegal immigration. I agree with them on the illegal immigration part, though I know we can never completely stop it, but the locking down the border part I’ve had trouble with. This story might explain to you why I feel this way.

Living as far away from our nothern and southern border as I do it’s easy to forget how life is for people living along the borders and dream of an inpenetrable wall being built there. However, living on the border it’s easy to build relationships on both sides, both personal and business relationships. While I understand the importance of keeping undesirables (terrorists) from crossing borders into our country I don’t believe we need to make life difficult for people who live on the borders.


Osama a Trump Card?

A number of my cynical friends, including a very good online friend, are entertaining the idea that maybe we know exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding and that he will be conveniently captured sometime this October. This is just a little too cynical for me to accept. That’s just giving a lot more credit to the abilities of the current administration to pull off. Remember, a whole lot of people would have to be in on this plan and the Bush administration hasn’t even been able to keep key cabinet members from going off script and telling the world their own personal opinion. How, then, could they expect to keep all the people required to catch bin Laden, if they have him already, from spilling the beans?

Now, I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy but that doesn’t mean I believe them. It takes a lot of competence to successfully keep a conspiracy hidden. I don’t see any evidence of that level of competence among this administration. That’s another reason that I tend to believe that G.W. Bush truely believed that Saddam had WMDs in production and would find them when we invaded them. I believe that even Saddam believed he had WMDs in production.

Heh, last Thursday I mentioned how Georgia’s state superintendant of education wanst to strike the word "evolve" from the state schools curiculum. Someone in the comments pointed to a website called but the link was broken. I clicked on it again today and it works. Check it out if you have the time.

As the site points out there has been a huge uproar about the proposal and I don’t think it will fly. After several days of holding a moistened finger in the air our govenor, Sonny Perdue, has come out against the idea.

The End of Artillery?


Dangerous Logic has an interesting entry on the armies attempts to reduce it’s artillery battallions. It almost sounds like some of the Pentagon brass would like to replace most of their artillery units with air support from the USAF. I don’t think this is such a good idea. Coordination and cooperation between the branches may be at an all time high level but I don’t think it’s gotten that good yet.


Superbowl XXXVIII

The score is 14 to 7 at the half. The half time show just went off and it was horrible. The commercials, so far, haven’t been all that great. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s a decent football game for a change.