Osama a Trump Card?

A number of my cynical friends, including a very good online friend, are entertaining the idea that maybe we know exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding and that he will be conveniently captured sometime this October. This is just a little too cynical for me to accept. That’s just giving a lot more credit to the abilities of the current administration to pull off. Remember, a whole lot of people would have to be in on this plan and the Bush administration hasn’t even been able to keep key cabinet members from going off script and telling the world their own personal opinion. How, then, could they expect to keep all the people required to catch bin Laden, if they have him already, from spilling the beans?

Now, I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy but that doesn’t mean I believe them. It takes a lot of competence to successfully keep a conspiracy hidden. I don’t see any evidence of that level of competence among this administration. That’s another reason that I tend to believe that G.W. Bush truely believed that Saddam had WMDs in production and would find them when we invaded them. I believe that even Saddam believed he had WMDs in production.

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