Yet Another Stupid Application of Zero Tolerance

I just received a comment on my post Another Stupid Application of Zero Tolerence that blew me away. Young Adam Liston had taken a buddy to a firing range and… well, let me use his words:

My name is Adam Liston. I read your article about the 14 year old and have a similar story that might interest you. I am a 12th grader in California, and on my way to the shooting range, I dropped my buddy off back at my high school, and a maintinence man saw my shotgun in my rack in the parking lot next to the school. As a result, the next day at school I was arrested and spent the day in county jail, I now face felony charges for being within 1000 feet of a school, my arraignment is tomorrow (feb 13) and will find out the formal charges. I have been suspended for the last month, and had the last 10 hours of the 30 hour expulsion hearing today. The entire community has been saying to take a look at my case in separate light, due to the fact there was no harm intended and that im a good kid. The school is now saying they need to consider “consistency”, because they recently expelled a gang banger for having a pistol at school. This is just the type of bullshit that is evident in the 14 year old’s case. Feel free to put this story up on your site, I think people would find it interesting how fucking GREAT zero tolerance is.

This kid is being charged with a felony folks. That’s take away most of your rights serious. If his story is as he tells it, and for now I have no reason to doubt it, he will lose his right to vote, own a firearm, hold public office or any job requiring a security clearance. All this over being too close to a school yard with a shotgun in his car after coming home from a place where he was legally allowed to fire this weapon. And we wonder why we have a million of our citizens sitting behind bars. It’s too damn easy to get into trouble.

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