Daily Archives: Tuesday, 16-Mar-2004

Giving In To Terrorism

Yesterday I mulled over the events occuring in Spain. The bombing last Thursday chilled me to the bone. My step-sister’s daughter is living in Barcelona and I was worried about her.

I listened to news reports come in telling of Spain’s government insisting that ETA was responsible for the bombings and I thought that claim was odd. I’m not all that familiar with ETA’s ways but it seemed to me more likely that it was an Islamist extremist group like al Qaeda that was responsible.

It seems the citizens of Spain smelled bullshit on this claim, also. On Sunday it became clear that Spaniards were not going to allow a lying group of politicians continue to rule their country. The Spanish People’s Party was out and the Socialist were voted in.

It is real easy to say that the terrorist were able to overthrow Spain’s government with bombs. So easy, I’m afraid, that the terrorist will see this as their victory. I’ve come to the conclusion that that isn’t the case. Spain’s actions may well have emboldened the terrorists to continue their bombings but I believe Spain reacted to being lied to rather than acting to appease the terrorist.

The BBC asked for opinions as to why Spain overthrew it’s government. Read some of the opinions from around the world. It’s very interesting.

Betraying a Confidence


Until I feel that there is no danger of my government just snatching someone off the street and holding them without charges John Kerry will have my vote come November. However, that will not stop me from pointing out some of the numbskull things he’s doing during his campaign. He’s making it very difficult for me to maintain my commitment.

You don’t tell half a tale and then hold back on naming names in order to keep from betraying a confidence. Once the tale is started you’ve betrayed that confidence already. What John Kerry has done is just amplified his weasel quotient.

On top of that, whether I agree or disagree with our president, he is still our president until January of 2005 and possibly longer. You don’t go making deals with foriegn leaders, or even talk about your ideas for US foreign policy with them while you’re running against a sitting president. That’s undermining the office of the President.

If I’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils why can’t I have a decent pair of evils to choose between?


A Couple of Things From the Bizarre

If you are a property owner of a ten-story building and have a leak in the winter on the roof causing a large accumulation of ice, you’d best take care of the problem. A New York couple is suing the owner of such a building owner over just such a problem. It seems that a three hundred pound chunk of ice broke loose from the ten story building next door and crashed through the roof of their third story apartment and landed in their bed while they were relaxing, reading the paper and sipping their coffee. Not something you expect on a leisurely Saturday morning. There was around seven hundred more pounds of ice waiting to break loose from where the last icicle came from.


For those of you that love irony, the porn film director James DiGiorgio is teaming up with a Christian anti-pornography group to create a public service announcement with the message, "Parents, keep your adult videos and magazines out of the ands of your children." The PSA is being filmed for XXXChurch.com. I’ve got to say this guy must be doing the right thing because the project is drawing scorn from fans of pornography, who object to the criticism, and the religious right, who are complaining about the willingness of the sponsors to consort with pornographers.