A Couple of Things From the Bizarre

If you are a property owner of a ten-story building and have a leak in the winter on the roof causing a large accumulation of ice, you’d best take care of the problem. A New York couple is suing the owner of such a building owner over just such a problem. It seems that a three hundred pound chunk of ice broke loose from the ten story building next door and crashed through the roof of their third story apartment and landed in their bed while they were relaxing, reading the paper and sipping their coffee. Not something you expect on a leisurely Saturday morning. There was around seven hundred more pounds of ice waiting to break loose from where the last icicle came from.


For those of you that love irony, the porn film director James DiGiorgio is teaming up with a Christian anti-pornography group to create a public service announcement with the message, "Parents, keep your adult videos and magazines out of the ands of your children." The PSA is being filmed for XXXChurch.com. I’ve got to say this guy must be doing the right thing because the project is drawing scorn from fans of pornography, who object to the criticism, and the religious right, who are complaining about the willingness of the sponsors to consort with pornographers.