Betraying a Confidence


Until I feel that there is no danger of my government just snatching someone off the street and holding them without charges John Kerry will have my vote come November. However, that will not stop me from pointing out some of the numbskull things he’s doing during his campaign. He’s making it very difficult for me to maintain my commitment.

You don’t tell half a tale and then hold back on naming names in order to keep from betraying a confidence. Once the tale is started you’ve betrayed that confidence already. What John Kerry has done is just amplified his weasel quotient.

On top of that, whether I agree or disagree with our president, he is still our president until January of 2005 and possibly longer. You don’t go making deals with foriegn leaders, or even talk about your ideas for US foreign policy with them while you’re running against a sitting president. That’s undermining the office of the President.

If I’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils why can’t I have a decent pair of evils to choose between?