And if you believe that I’ve got a book I want to sell you

As of this writing Google’s news search is giving 876 articles related to Richard Clarke‘s revelations about the Bush administration’s handling of the war on Terror. I think I’m going to pass, for now, allowing any of what Clarke has to say influencing my opinions. There are numerous reasons for Clarke to embellish his story and a major incentive to malign his character by the folks in the White House. I’m not sure I’ll hear anything credible from him or about him for, maybe, weeks to come.

I do know that his book will sell much better now that his name is in the minds of us all than it would have had he not gone on 60 Minutes saying what he said. I also believe that a book critical of the Bush handling of the war on terror will sell much better than a book praising this administrations efforts there. I’m always going to wonder exactly what his motivations are.

The Daily Standard brings up some questions about his motivations and the reality that Clarke lives in. This could be a hatchet job on the man but it does show that we need more than a weekend to determine the credibility of the people in the news.