Daily Archives: Thursday, 25-Mar-2004

Every Now and Then.

p>Every now and then Dave Winer drops a true pearl of wisdom. A lot has been said recently about TypeKey and most of what I’ve been hearing hasn’t been too good. Since I don’t use Movable Type my interest in the debate is only academic. Six Apart is Ben and Mena’s company and they have had to make a product decision. I see no problem with the route they have chosen to take. There may have been other ways to implement something like TypeKey that wasn’t centralized but Six Apart made a decision to go with a centralized system and there are some good reasons for doing this also.

The reason that I don’t use Movable Type is that I like to play with the software and most of the playing I was capable of doing had already been done in Movable Type when I decided to move from Blogger to a differnt tool. Blosxom fit that bill for me and I’ve been happy with my decision. The folks that seem to be complaining the most about TypeKey are the ones that like to play with the software. Perhaps Movable Type has evolved beyond the point of needing to play with it and it’s time for them to either stop playing or find a platform to allow them to continue to play.

Anyway, good call, Dave. You are right on in your analysis here.

Can’t Pierce That

Last night while driving home from doing a little shopping I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial for Starship Enterprises with something like 14 locations in the Metro Atlanta area. The commercial was for many of the adult items that they sell and was fairly tastefully done. It got me to thinking about how differnt we were from our neighboring state of Alabama where sex toys are illegal to sell, much less advertise on the radio.

This morning I discover that we aren’t all that much different that Alabama. Women can no longer pierce their genitals in the state of Georgia.

Actually this bill was introduced for a very good reason. Certain immigrants were practicing female circumcision on their baby daughters the way they did it in the old country. While I’m all for cultural diversity and all there are certain lines that I don’t want crossed. Female circumcision crosses one of those lines for me. This bill was introduced to make that practice illegal. It got changed a little when Rep. Bill Heath decided to add an amendment to the bill to add piercings to the things that can’t be done to the female genitalia.

Amendment sponsor Rep. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, was slack-jawed when told after the vote that some adults seek the piercings.

“What? I’ve never seen such a thing,” Heath said. “I, uh, I wouldn’t approve of anyone doing it. I don’t think that’s an appropriate thing to be doing.”

Well, Bill, genital piercing isn’t something that floats my boat either but whether appropriate or not an adult woman ought to have the say over whether she pierces or doesn’t.

Things in the retail world that just tick me off.

I’ve never been employed in the retail world. Oh, I had a job at McDonald’s when I was in high school but that isn’t really retail, it’s food. Isn’t it? Anyway, I’m sure that there are good reasons for this stuff but these things still tick me off when I’m out shopping.

  • Crowded aisles.

    Why is it that when a store is built they will have a nice wide aisle for me to walk down and give me room to back up and look at the merchandise on the shelves but not one week will pass after the store opens before they have all sorts of displays choking off the aisles, leaving barely enough room to get one shopping cart down, and hiding the stuff that I am looking for.

  • Never having my size in stock.

    Alright, I probably need to lose a few more pounds but I know from looking around that my size is not uncommon. I wear 40×34 pants and if they are cut for a loose fit I can wear a size 38×34. I can find size 36×34 fairly easily but as the waistline gets larger the inseams get shorter. What is this with the buyers? Do they think that people who gain wait get shorter?

  • Same styles shop after shop.

    I leave one store and go into the next because the previous store didn’t have what I was looking for. The next store has the exact same inventory just displayed a little differntly. Even when the brands are differnt I’m seeing exactly the same style. Don’t you think that stores would want to differentiate themselves by something other than the way they display their merchandise or the music they play over the store’s sound system?

  • Frozen food cases with merchandise displayed on the outside of the glass door.

    I’m trying to find a certain frozen food item and I’m having to look through all sorts of unrelated merchandise stuck on the outside of the freezer doors. If it isn’t merchandise some dummy has decided the door would make a great place to place some kind of advertisement for something in the freezer or maybe even on the other side of the store. I really detest this stuff because it’s difficult enough for me to see through the fog on the door from the last person holding it open trying to find what they were looking for. Now I’ve got to peer around this crap on the door or hold the door open and freeze my buns off to find the item I’m looking for.

  • Self-checkout lanes.

    On the face these sound like a great idea but they never work reliably enough for them to actually do anything more than frustrate me. And why do they have the voume turned up so loud on these things. I’m half deaf and they still make me jump when the first start talking.

  • Anti-theft sentries.

    Part of this goes back to the crowded aisle problem I have. I’m somewhat claustrophobic and I don’t like walking through these things to begin with but then also about once a month something I bought wasn’t deactivated in checkout and I set off the alarm. I’m going to start running when this happens.

Okay, I understand a lot of why the stores are doing this stuff. I know that they aren’t intentionally trying to tick me off but it seems like they could think this stuff out a little more. Especially the part about sizes and styles, it looks to me like with all the competition out there the retailers would look more toward niches in the market to fill. I’m big and I’m tall but I’m not big enough or tall enough for the big and tall men’s shop. Why hasn’t some retailer come up with a ‘good sized’ man’s shop?

And one last thing, have you ever tried to find someone to complain about this stuff to? The folks in the stores can’t help, they just refer you to their website or to an 800 number and there are no live people at either place. Maybe I understand now why I never went into retail.