Every Now and Then.

p>Every now and then Dave Winer drops a true pearl of wisdom. A lot has been said recently about TypeKey and most of what I’ve been hearing hasn’t been too good. Since I don’t use Movable Type my interest in the debate is only academic. Six Apart is Ben and Mena’s company and they have had to make a product decision. I see no problem with the route they have chosen to take. There may have been other ways to implement something like TypeKey that wasn’t centralized but Six Apart made a decision to go with a centralized system and there are some good reasons for doing this also.

The reason that I don’t use Movable Type is that I like to play with the software and most of the playing I was capable of doing had already been done in Movable Type when I decided to move from Blogger to a differnt tool. Blosxom fit that bill for me and I’ve been happy with my decision. The folks that seem to be complaining the most about TypeKey are the ones that like to play with the software. Perhaps Movable Type has evolved beyond the point of needing to play with it and it’s time for them to either stop playing or find a platform to allow them to continue to play.

Anyway, good call, Dave. You are right on in your analysis here.

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