Word From Baghdad

When things heat up in Iraq I generally look to Salam Pax to get an understanding of what’s really going on over there. Not that he’s got any inside information but he’s living with the consequences of what’s happening. It seems that right now Pax views al-Sadir as a greater threat to Iraqi safety than the US.

You have to be careful about what you say about al-Sadir. Their hands reach every where and you don’t want to be on their shit list. Every body, even the GC is very careful how they formulate their sentences and how they describe Sadir’s Militias. They are thugs, thugs thugs. There you have it.

I was listening to a representative of al-sadir on TV saying that the officers at police stations come to offer their help and swear allegiance. Habibi, if they don’t they will get killed and their police station “liberated”. Have we forgotten the threat al-Sadir issued that Iraqi security forces should not attack their revolutionary brothers, or they will have to suffer the consequences.

Hopefully this is the end of al-Sadir soon and this bloodshed will prevent worse over the long term.