ANA Orders 7E7

All Nippon Airways has just placed an order with Boeing for fifty of their new 7E7s. What is significant about this is that this is the first commitment any airline has made to purchase this plane. It’s also the largest initial order Boeing has ever received for a new airliner.

The 7E7 is Boeing’s first new plane since 1990. It follows the company’s scrapping of plans to build a larger updated 747 jumbo jet and plans to build the Sonic Cruiser. The latter plane was to travel nearly as fast as the speed of sound, but interest in it waned after the recession and the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks severely damaged demand for air travel.

The 7E7 will burn 20 percent less fuel than comparable planes. It is designed to replace the company’s 757 and 777 aircraft and will compete with Airbus’ A330-200, which has dominated the market in its category.

Boeing has had some bad times and some bad press lately. I hope that this order is the first of many for the company and a signal of a rebound for them in their fortunes.

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