Islam Declares War on the World

It appears that it isn’t just Christians and Jews that have problems getting along with Muslims, Buddhist can’t seem to get along with them either.

It was the worst violence in a region that has seen dozens of people killed in near-daily of attacks this year. The government has blamed Islamic separatists who have sought to carve out a homeland in the Muslim-majority south of this predominantly Buddhist country for decades.

Of course there’s also the problems between Hindis and Muslims which is the root of the problem between Pakistan and India. Now I know that religious differences have sparked problems between groups that didn’t include Muslims but why does it seem that this century has started out with every other religous group seeming to at least tolerate each other but Muslims seem to have declared war on the world?

Yeah, I know, not all Muslims are responsible for this violence. The violent ones are only a small, extremist minority of all Muslims. I understand this but you don’t hear about small, extremists groups of Hindis attacking Buddhists. Do you? I’m not bringing this up as any sort of condemnation of Islam, I’m just trying to understand an observation.

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