Claud Johnson

I read in Yahoo! News an article about Claud Johnson, Robert Johnson’s illegitimate son. Claud finally received his inheritance from his father’s estate and the story tells about how little it has changed his life.

The story also goes a little into the trial where the courts decided that Claud Johnson was the heir to Robert Johnson’s estate and the testiomony used to prove Claud’s parentage. The way this one eighty year old witness for Mr. Johnson gave her testimony just made me smile.

Q: Well, let me, let me share something with you, because I’m really curious about this. Maybe I have a more limited experience. But you’re saying to me that you were watching them make love?

A: M-hm.

Q: While you were making love?

A: M-hm.

Q: You don’t think that’s at all odd?

A: Say what?

Q: Have you ever done that before or since?

A: Yes.

Q: Watch other people make love?

A: Yes, I have done it before. Yes, I’ve done it after I married. Yes.

Q: You watched other people make love?

A: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Q: Other than … other than Mr. Johnson and Virgie Cain [her married name].

A: Right.

Q: Really?

A: You haven’t?

Q: No. Really haven’t.

A: I’m sorry for you.

You’ve got to love that type of frankness.

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