Washing One’s Mouth With Soap

When I was about eight I had my mouth washed out with soap by my mother. I had called my little brother a shithead in the heat of an argument. I have been careful about my usage of profanity ever since.

Because of my experience with the positive effects of washing a child’s mouth out with soap I was greatly surprised to learn that a teacher in NY has been suspended indefinately over the use of soap as punishment for a child who directed "a vile, very nasty sexual reference" at a third-grade girl. I don’t understand the problem with this at all.

Thomas said she didn’t want the boy, who had frequently been sent home for unruly behavior, to earn another one-week suspension.

She took the boy to the nurse’s office, she said, "put a drop of soap of his lower lip, washed it out immediately and told him I never wanted to hear filth like that coming out of his mouth again."

Apparently her method worked. The boy behaved himself the rest of the day and didn’t bother to complain to his foster parents about what happened. It was the boy’s brother that told district officials what had happened.

I’ve used this method myself with both of my children. It works. The child isn’t hurt by it unless you’re throwing massive amounts of soap down their mouth when you do it. Why is this teacher being punished for using effective discipline methods?

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