A Pickup

Next Friday will mark my twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be married and I’m proud as I can be of every one of those years. I love my wife dearly and would never do anything to damage our relationship or her trust.

That being said, there are some things that being married for that long causes one to miss out on. I haven’t been a part of the pickup scene in bars for over twenty-seven years. Most of the time when I’m in bars I’m with my wife. This evening wasn’t one of those times.

I’m in Augusta, GA on business with a co-worker. He’s a single 42 year old co-worker who, as far as I know, has never been married. After leaving work at our customer’s site today he wanted to stop at a sports bar here in Augusta for a beer.

The first bar we stopped at he decided wasn’t right so back outside we went to find one more to his liking. We ended up at “Somewhere in Augusta” and I’ve got to hand it to him this was a very nice place. Not nice in the sense of being expensive, but nice in the sense of being a comfortable place to sop for a beer.

We had had a couple of beers and a basket of onion rings when a very attractive lady that I judged to be in her late 30s or early 40s asked if the seat next to my co-worker was taken. She and Rich hit it off right off the bat with Rich flipping out his lighter the moment she brought out a cigarrette. They got to talking and politely included me in their conversation, but I could tell that all her attention was on Rich.

We ordered another round of beers and continued with the conversation. As I was finishing with my beer the nice lady called for our tab and Rich let me know that he could find his way back to our motel and would see me in a few hours. I took this que to say my goodnights and find my way back to my motel to write down this story.

I feel quite blessed to have seen my co-worker in action. It’s a lifestyle that I am no longer interested in for myself but I find the interactions taking place here extremely interesting. I don’t know what the ending will actually be and it doesn’t matter. That part is none of my business, just seeing the pickup in action made this an excellent night…. and it isn’t even 7:00pm yet.

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