I don’t care what it looks like just give me taste!

A Florida tomato grower decided to breed his tomatoes for taste instead of looks. Now he’s having to fight a state marketing committee for the right to sell his tasty but misshappened fruit out of state.

I love tomatoes but I’ve given up eating them between mid-December and March because the ones I get then, while pretty, just have no taste. This marketing committee may explain the reason for that.

I wonder what a letter writing campaign might accomplish?

2 thoughts on “I don’t care what it looks like just give me taste!

  1. Larry

    The only problem with growing my own is that they disappear through the winter months. Atlanta winters are mild but tomato plants won’t grow through the winter season.

  2. Felix Miller

    “Hard Tomatoes, Hard Times” was the title of a book by former Texas Agricultural Commissioner (I think that was his title) Jim Hightower. The subject was the effect on our food supply of market demands that placed taste lower on the priority scale than marketablity and shipping survival. I long ago skimmed some of this book, and don’t remember a lot of the contents.

    But a few years ago, I watched a special (may have been Nova on PBS) about this subject. The reporter for the show interviewed a large-scale grower of tomatoes in California. The farmer showed off his harvesting machine, which scooped up whole plants and popped the tomatoes off, shooting the tomatoes into an open trailer hooked to the back of the harvester. Film ensued of the harvester in action, tomatoes sailing into the trailer, sometime bouncing off the sides. In response to a question from the interviewer about damage to the tomatoes from such impact, the farmer proudly responded that ag scientists had succeeded in producing a tomato variety that could survive a two mph impact.

    When the interviewer asked if this resulted in the sort of tomatoes consumers complain has no taste, the farmer frowned and said, “I would like for my end customers to like the taste of my tomatoes, but I have to be able to harvest and ship them. That is the bottom line.”

    Moral: Grow your own. Uh, tomatoes, that is. LOL


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