Immigration Policies

Immigration protests are beginning to get so numerous that some of the activist are beginning to wonder if they might not be causing more resentment to their cause than support. I think that is a valid concern. While continued bombardment with civil rights protests in the 50s and 60s led to an acute awareness of the fact that seggregation is absolutely wrong I don’t see the immigration issue having the same moral anchor. Regardless of what the activist may want you to believe this is an issue of border control and only the most adamant libertarian would argue for no controls on our borders.

Immigration is essential to the continued economic strength of the US but the immigration has to be legal. One of the problems I’m seeing is that we just make it more difficult to get into this country as a resident alien than it needs to be. Even with the millions of illegal aliens in our country our unemployment rate is still at around 5% which by most is considered full employment so why do we restrict work permits in our country the way we do?

If left up to me I would do completely away with any limit in the numbers that are allowed work visas. The only real requirement I would have for obtaining a work visa for immigrants would be that they would need a sponsor, be free of communicable disease and have not be tied to any known subversive groups. The sponsor could be either an individual or a US based business and would be required to pledge to provide food and housing support as needed for the immigrant.

There is also a bueacratic barrier to obtaining a work visa that needs to be streamlined. There is no reason that it should take over a week for a work visa application to be processed and either approved or denied. Taking longer is preposterous and places undue burden on people.

As far as amnisty for illegals currently in this country and working they need to go home and enter the country properly. They already have contacts in this country that can serve as their sponsor allowing them to stay here without going through the proper channels just isn’t right to the people who are trying to do things legally. It’s also shows a lack of respect for our own laws by just ignoring laws that have been broken. I would also make entering the country illegally cause for denying future applications for a work visa. If you come to our country and return before being caught here illegally you would still be eligible for receiving a work visa but getting caught would put you on an undesirable list.

If given my way I would simplify immigration as I have stated above and then after six months of the new immigration laws being in effect I would start mass deportation of those people found to be in this country illegally. This would give those in the country illegally time to arrange for sponsorship, return to their country and apply for a work visa with certainty they could return to this country after doing things right.

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