Rosemary Smoked Chicken

Okay, last night I grilled some chicken breasts on my charcoal grill/smoker. This had a slight twist to it. I washed and coated each breast with olive oil and then added a tad of salt and fresh ground pepper then I sprinkled the chicken with Mrs. Dash. That wasn’t the twist.

While out on my patio I noticed my rosemary shrub needed a little heavier pruning to get one branch out of the way of my path across the patio. I cut the limb off, stripped off some leaves and crushed them then added that to the chicken. The chicken then was covered and placed in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes.

When I placed the chicken on the grill I also placed the rest of that rosemary branch on the back of the grill away from direct heat. The rosemary started smoking and things were smelling good. After taking the chicken off the grill and trying this I’ve decided I’m probably going to have to replace that rosemary shrub before next year.

2 thoughts on “Rosemary Smoked Chicken

  1. Larry D. Burton

    My rosemary took about two years to really establish itself. After that I had to start doing some pretty drastic pruning to keep it from taking over the patio. It recovers and then I have to do it again the next year. I’m not real sure I understand the climate very well in San Francisco so I can’t say it will do the same there.

    The smoked flavor wasn’t strong because I was grilling rather than smoking so the chicken wasn’t in the smoke for that long. I also can’t say that I tasted the rosemary as much as I smelled it while eating it. It was subtle but still noticable.

    The smell on the patio was fantastic.

    I’m going to have to look around for some mahogany that is suitable for smoking.

  2. Dan Lyke

    Oooh. I’ve got a whole bunch of mahogany scraps I’ve been setting up to smoke with, ’cause I’ve heard they’re great, but maybe next year our rosemary will have grown enough that I feel cool with taking off smoking quantities of stems…


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