Daily Archives: Monday, 07-Jul-2008

Setting up housekeeping

My oldest son, the one that has been in Iraq for the past year, moved into a house he and his best friend rented. They served together in Iraq and figured they could put up with each other as roommates now. I spent this weekend giving him a hand. He’s twenty-four and this is really the first lease he has signed that I wasn’t part of the negotiations. He signed a six month lease shortly after moving out of my house when he was eighteen and where he has been living with other people or with me and his mother since moving out.

 This was very interesting watching him fuss around his new abode. The landscaping is actually fairly nice there and he surprised me by showing some concern about his hydrangea needing watering. He seemed fairly excited about the prospect of keeping up this yard. I wish he had taken the same interest in landscaping when he lived with me.

When I got back home from being in Chattanooga for the weekend my youngest son informed me he had opened a checking account for himself.

 I guess they are both grown now.