Spam Karma goes GPL

I just learned something a few minutes ago. Spam Karma has gone GPL. I’m not sure what this means for the future but I do know that by installing this plugin on this site I have had only minimal problem with comment spam. I hope that some competent coders pick up this project because it works.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma goes GPL

  1. Larry D. Burton

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what Dr. Dave says. I’m sure there are problems with the architecture of WP but I think the same can be said about most software. Too often, though, personality conflicts and egos are more the cause of bad reviews on software than actual faults in the software.

    Dave has put out an incredibly effective plugin for WordPress and the WordPress development team has ignored much of his input on WordPress development often causing him much grief in maintaining his plugins. I can understand him being miffed at the situation. I can also understand his decision to walk away from WordPress plugin development and the WordPress platform. I don’t think his concerns as a developer necessarily need to be taken into account in my decision to remain a WordPress user.

    I’ll continue to use both WP and SK until my needs are no longer met by one or the other application. I have not found a replacement for either that I would be happier with.

  2. Felix Miller

    That is disturbing to hear, Larry. Since I installed SK, on your recommendation, I have had almost no trouble with post spam. Not many utilities or other software I have used matches that performance.

    I read the link, from the developer, and was concerned also with his opinion of Word Press. Do you agree with his assessment of the deterioration of WP? It has worked well for me, all problems have been due to my neglect of upgrading and general denseness about following instructions.


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