8 days

In eight days we elect the next president of the United States. I haven’t said much about this because I’m less than enthused about my choices. There is really no one running, not even in the various third parties, that I feel I can support. For the first time in ages I’m truly undecided…. or at least I was.

I’ve made my choice but even now it wouldn’t take much to sway it in the next eight days. Basically I’ve been torn between wanting to keep congress and the administration out of the control of one party and voting for someone who once said that they would prefer a clean government to freedom of speech. There’s more than that one comment that has me upset with him but I think that most succinctly explains where I’m coming from.

As of now my plan is to be the last person voting in my precinct in eight days. I’m going to take as long as I possibly can to completely commit.

One thought on “8 days

  1. Felix Miller

    Hmm. That rejection of free speech in favor of clean government had gone under my radar, Larry. That is unacceptable. I notice that the quote dates to 2006, and references specifically the restrictions in the campaign reform act.

    I have made my mind up, as well, but I voted the first day of early voting. I am worn out with the endless river of vitriol, half-truths, untruths and promises made that cannot possibly be kept. And I am talking about both the major candidates’ campaigns.

    The only thing that puzzles me is why either of them wants to face the problems that must be tackled on January 21, 2009.


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