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1 Enoch

I’ve been reading a little from the Book of Enoch. While I’ve been familiar with some of its content from various sermons and Bible studies I have never actually read any of it until this weekend. I wish I had done this years ago. I understand and agree with why it isn’t a part of the Bible but I think reading it is necessary to a full contextual understanding of a lot of the Bible.


WordPress 3.0 is out along with a new default theme that seems to have some nice customizations. I was getting bored with the old one so let’s try this one.

Let me know if it’s too ugly.

What I’m wanting

I am a Facebook user. I’m really not all that crazy about the platform but all my friends are there so I’m there with them. I really like publishing from here, though. So that has me looking at the Facebook Graph API and wondering if I have time to code the plug in for WordPress that I really, really want.

See, I want to synchronize between this weblog and my Facebook feed. Anything under the 400+ word limit on statuses I want to be posted as my status. If it goes over that threshold I want it to be posted to Facebook as a note. There are WP plugins that will do something very similar to what I want but they won’t do exactly what I’m describing.

Facebook claims to allow a sort of pull synchronization in Notes but it doesn’t always work. Make that it hasn’t worked for me without kicking it for several months. So I want to push it from here into Facebook and I want my short posts to be my status and my longer post to be a note.

The plugin for pulling comments on notes that are also WP posts works well. Now I want it to update the notes on FB with comments made here. I’ll take a whack at this project if no one does it soon but I really don’t have time for it now.

God and Abraham

For the last few months I’ve been working in Chattanooga and living with my brother through the week. Last night I bailed out of my Wednesday night bike ride and rode down to Chattanooga’s river front to take part in the Riverbend Festival.

At one of the entrances there was a street preacher that I listened to for a few minutes while trying to figure out what to do with my bike. I know the man was preaching out of love but I found his idea of Christianity was pretty much 180┬░ from mine. He seems to be of the opinion that God has always been exclusive, revealing Himself only to Abraham and his progeny before the current era and only through Jesus to those of us in the current era.

While I fully consider myself a Christian and I am fully in agreement that salvation is through Christ I don’t agree with him that God is an exclusive God. I believe that God has been revealing Himself to all that listen regardless of where one was born or through what religion one seeks God.

I also believe that when Jesus said “Believe in me and you will be saved” He was telling us that salvation was achieved through accepting that we are forgiven and looking to God for how to live our lives.

To me this street preacher was telling me that unless I followed him (not God, but him) that I was doomed to hell. I don’t think that’s right. I also don’t think that I can truly listen to what God has to say to me if I am concerned about what that street preacher thinks of what I believe.

To me God is very personal. So much so that for me to get an understanding of what God wants from me I have to relate to Him in a way that probably only really makes sense to me. I can talk theology all day long but with God being so personal I don’t know that my theological understandings can have any meaning at all to any one else.

What I do know is that Jesus tells us we are known by our fruits and that one tree can’t bear the fruits of a different kind of tree. So if I see a kind, compassionate,┬ánonjudgmental person who is feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and comforting the sick I think I’m looking at a follower of Christ whether that person is a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Pagan.

God didn’t just speak to Abraham, he spoke to everyone; just as he does now.

It’s a gas

Okay here’s my dilemma. I’m running out of gas and have no idea when I’ll come to another exit with gas stations. This exit has three; BP, Shell and Conoco. I’m a socially responsible individual at which station do I purchase my gas, why that one and why not the other two?


Yesterday I sat in a hospital waiting room while my Dad had a quadruple bypass surgery and a carotid artery unplugged. He’s 83. Today he’s resting well and flirting with the nurses. I think he will recover and do the things he needs to get back into good health but I don’t think he will be helping me build any more decks or do any more work with me on my car or truck.

I think I’ve done a fairly decent job of convincing myself that he will be around for many more years. That’s the emotional side of me. The intellectual side of me tells me that he’s 83 and regardless of how he recovers from this every moment from here on out is a bonus that I must cherish.


It finally happened. After about ten years of a weak password on my Yahoo! email account that account was compromised. For those of you in my contact list who received an email with no subject and just a link to a website I apologize. I didn’t send it but my lack of use of a strong password is probably the reason you got it.

On another note, I’ve been silent here way too long. Facebook has grabbed most of my attention because way more of my friends use it. However, posts to Facebook are temporary at best while this is an archive of anything I write and I can be fairly confident that what I write here can be retrieve for years to come. I keep backups.

So since what I write here is suppose to be mirrored in my notes on Facebook I’ll go back to writing most things here. I’ll start looking for a utility that can even move short status updates to my Facebook status.