Riding My Bike

I’ve been doing a little bicycling lately. It’s moving from being an activity I like to an activity that I’m passionate about. My goal with this is to finish a century in the next year. I’m not yet capable of that milage but I’m working on it.

For the past several months I’ve been living in Chattanooga during the week and coming home to Lawrenceville on weekends. Finding places to ride and people to ride with has been easy in Chattanooga, not so much in Lawrenceville. Gwinnett County just hasn’t done a good job of making the roads bicycle friendly.

I’m home for the week so I need to find some places to ride. Tonight I’m going to try a ride sponsored by the Gwinnett Touring Club. It starts in Dacula, meanders up through Auburn and loops back to Dacula for a total of 26 miles. I drove some of the route this weekend just to make sure there weren’t any killer hills on the route.

I’m really looking forward to this ride and hoping to make more contacts around home for riding. I’ve joined the Chattanooga Bicycle Club and will probably join the GTC also. Hopefully between these two clubs I’ll find ways to keep myself passionate about riding. It has already rewarded me by helping me drop about fifteen pounds that I don’t think would have come off with just dieting. I seem to have more energy lately also.

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