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Fairhope Single Tax Corporation – Fairhope, Alabama 36532

Gerri and I visited Fairhope, Alabama this past weekend for our anniversary. I love this little town and we intend to go back when we can spend more time there. While there we kept seeing a reference to the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation so I found this link to describe it. This actually sounds a lot like a type of community that I’ve mulled over in my own mind. One where the community is fully owned by the citizens with each citizen leasing the land they occupy from the corporation they own.

Dolphin statueIt probably complicates things too much and with people being as transient as they are now is probably unworkable on a large scale. That probably explains why there are only two Single Tax Corporations left in this country but it seems like something to do some more research on. When I get time to do so I’ll let y’all know more of what I find about the single tax corporation and Henry George and his ideas on economics.

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