A little plan

I got off the phone with Josh a few minutes ago. Josh is one of the people involved with Communicycle in Chamblee, Ga. The conversation was interesting to say the least. I’ve been wanting to get a bike co-op started in Lawrenceville since last summer when I met Zac at Main Street Bike Co-op while I was working in Chattanooga. My conversation with Josh along with a couple of e-mails between me and a couple of members of my church make me think a bike co-op in Lawrenceville is a definite possibility.

One thought on “A little plan

  1. Larry D. Burton

    Let me add that I’m more than a little stoked right now. I picked up six bicycles last night from a friend who is donating them for a health fair our church is putting on July 30. I’m not sure I’ll get them ready by then but it seems that we will be able to put them to use with some people who need them.


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