Communicycle of Lawrenceville is Go!

Over the weekend I got news that funding has been approved for startup capital for Communicycle of Lawrenceville. This is a bike co-op that is being sponsored by McKendree United Methodist Church and is being advised by Communicycle of Chamblee. There is one more item that needs to be resolved in order to secure the space for the co-op but we are going ahead with a goal of being started by September 15, 2011.

Yeah, that’s not far away. I have to purchase tools and supplies and find people who will donate the old bicycles taking up space in their garages and basements. I need to recruit volunteers and start publicizing this venture. There is also a little matter of clearing out the space we have been given and doing some minor remodeling to accommodate our needs.

It will happen, though. I know that for a fact. This didn’t get this far without God on our side and I know He is going to grease whatever wheels need greasing for this to be a success.

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