Blue Phoenix and Dragon Gaiwan Set


Blue Phonix and Dragon Gaiwan Set


I like tea cups and saucers. The saucers have to be a part of the set. I drink my coffee from them. Something about having a coaster with me just seems right. I found this Blue Phoenix and Dragon Gaiwan Set that I love. The lid on this I’m not sure of, though. Is this to keep the tea warm? Prevent sloshing? Regardless, I think I’ll order four of these the next time I have $50 to spare.

One thought on “Blue Phoenix and Dragon Gaiwan Set

  1. Larry D. Burton

    After some research I’ve learned the Gaiwan is used to both brew and consume teas and is the preferred method, by some, of preparing and consuming green and white teas. I still love this design and still am ordering one, not four, when convenient.


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