Manna from Heaven

Yesterday I checked my voice mail and there was a message from Josh. He had a donor giving him more bicycles than he could take for his co-ops in Chamblee and Clarkston. Could I take some? Our co-op is just getting off the ground and hasn’t actually opened yet. I have funding and I’m buying tools I have a few bikes but we are still working out where we will store things.


What was I saying? We still don’t know where we will store things. So far everything I’ve asked for has been provided. Anything I thought might be a roadblock has evaporated. If we are going to run a bicycle co-op we have to have bicycles in every condition. We need them in great condition, we need them in refurbishable condition and we need parts bikes. I had to take them and I had to just have faith that I will find a place to put them.

The storage problem will work itself out. The Church is where our shop will be and where storage will eventually be found. The Church is where I told them to deliver the bikes. Tonight is family night at the Church. I am expecting this pile of bicycles to draw attention and cause a lot of questions to be asked.

How could I ask for better publicity?

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One thought on “Manna from Heaven

  1. Larry D. Burton

    The bicycles didn’t show up last night. After several phone calls and emails arrangements have been made for delivery tonight with a little better idea of how to take them in. As I pointed out above every thing that needs to happen for us to open this ministry is happening, in most cases without us having any idea how we were going to accomplish those items.


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