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HPV Vaccine Does Not Raise Risk for Sexual Activity

Take the risks away for having sex and teenagers will be more likely to have sex. Right? That may sound logical but it isn’t what happens. Take the HPV vaccine, for instance. One of the concerns is that young girls who are given the vaccine will be more likely to have sex since we’ve taken one of the risks away and if we give them a¬†prophylactic for an activity we are condoning the activity.

The nearly 500 girls who received at least one dose of the (HPV) vaccine were no more likely to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, discuss contraception or become pregnant than the nearly 900 girls who did not get the vaccine, the study found.

via HPV Vaccine Does Not Raise Risk for Sexual Activity, Study Finds – ABC News.

So the only real concern should be now be whether the vaccine is safe and effective.

Random questions that occurred to me today.

Some things just pop into my head while I’m working.

  1. If we went to another planet and found it inhabited with chipmunk like creatures would we consider this planet inhabited by intelligent life?
  2. Is now the time to start developing marriage enrichment classes for same sex marriages?
  3. Did Felix Baumgartner’s suit need heat shields on it to keep him from burning up during his faster than sound freefall?

Now you, too, can ponder these questions for an answer.

King Norodom Sihanouk – Benevolent Monarch?

King Nordom Shanouk of Cambodia is dead at the age of 89. This article on the man has piqued my interest to no end and I’m placing it here to read it more closely when I have the time. I get the feeling this guy had all of his country’s best interest at heart and played the role, for the most part, of the benevolent monarch but he seems to also have had his dark side.

But this domineering, mischievous and hyperactive man was undoubtedly the part-author of his own and his country’s misfortunes.

It looks like his machinations kept Cambodia out of the US/NV conflict a lot longer than anyone could have expected at that time but that he also enabled the rise of Pol Pot.

url: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/15/king-norodom-sihanouk?newsfeed=true