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“You can back me up to the gates of hell but I won’t back down.”
~Tom Petty

Chapter 36

If something has expanded,
it will soon contract.
If something has been weakened,
it was once overly strong.
If something was thrown away,
it was surely once admired too much.
If something is to be received,
it must first be given.

This is the wisdom of obscurity.
The soft and weak
will overcome the strong and forceful.

Small fish stay deep and survive.
A country thrives
when its weapons are not displayed.

My mother was a good cook but she would get to cooking one thing because she knew we liked it and would serve it to us until we got sick of it. Our strong appetite for the dish would become weak. I think that’s how a lot of relationships burn out. We mistake like for love and we allow lust to drive our appetites for each other and love never gets a chance to take hold. The soft and weak has overcome the strong and forceful. What is admired too much is thrown away.

If we want things to grow we don’t crowd them, we give them room. The same goes for relationships. I think this is one of the big things that has kept Gerri and me together for the past 35 years. We love each other’s company but we know when to give the other some space. The longer we’ve been together the less we need that space.

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Minnesota Coursera ban: State won’t crack down on free online courses after all.

Remember that article I pointed to yesterday about Minnesota not allowing unauthorized free online courses? One of Dan’s readers noted this article: Minnesota Coursera ban: State won’t crack down on free online courses after all. It looks like the good people of Minnesota can get a free education there without breaking the law after all.

URL: http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2012/10/19/minnesota_coursera_ban_state_won_t_crack_down_on_free_online_courses_after.html