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Running on Bad Knees

Back in 2009 I discovered Vibram Five Fingers which allowed me to start running again. I had gotten up to about a mile and a half run when the stress I was putting on my knees caused enough additional injuries to them that I couldn’t overcome even with my new shoes. I then took up cycling.

The cycling took until 2011 when health issues and scheduling problems made that tough to keep up. During this time of inactivity I’ve gained thirty pounds and my knees hurt worse than ever. I’m fat because I’m inactive. I’m inactive because my knees hurt. My knees hurt because I’m fat.

I have to get off this merry-go-round. I’m going to try to put this article to work in my life and do some more research. I should be able to find a way to make some general impression of running on these knees and start taking some pounds off.

I still want to ride my bike as much as I can but I think I can run more often if I can just find a way to do so without hurting so much.

URL: http://www.livestrong.com/article/529918-keys-to-running-with-bad-knees/

Who needs drug sniffing dogs?

Who needs drug sniffing dogs when you can hire drug sniffing police officers. A Gwinnett County officer was able to detect the smell of “raw marijuana” that was inside of baggies inside a larger baggie.

According to the incident report, the Gwinnett County police officer approached the trailer from where the smell of raw marijuana was emanating and asked Cindy Marie Smith if there was raw marijuana in the trailer.

via Loganville Mother and Son Face Drug, Weapons Charges – Gwinnett, GA Patch.

While I’m suspicious of his claim it did allow him to talk his way into the trailer and at that point anything he saw is admissible in court.

There was another drug bust on a grow house here in Gwinnett that the police officers involved stated they tracked the house down by smell from half a mile away. I’m wondering why we even need to have a K-9 squad with the unique physical abilities our officers appear to have.

URL: http://gwinnett.patch.com/articles/loganville-mother-and-son-face-drug-weapons-charges

Ex-Gwinnett leader describes bribery as common – SFGate

The more I hear from this woman the angrier I get about what she has done. Here she is in an interview talking about her involvement in accepting a bribe from an FBI undercover agent:

“They all said, ‘This is the way you do business in Gwinnett County,'” Lasseter said. “I definitely feel like it was (the way business was done) for years.”

Lasseter would not say which developers and officials were supposedly involved in the bribery. She said she had no personal information about any current Gwinnet officials who accepted bribes.

via Ex-Gwinnett leader describes bribery as common – SFGate.

If she wasn’t rotten to begin with why didn’t she report these bribes that were offered to her? And why wouldn’t she let us know which past county officials were a part of this bribery?

The story is that her husband’s death left her in financial straits and that is why she began accepting bribes. The fact that her son is involved with her leads me to believe that she raised her son in a way that made him just as dishonest as her so her dishonesty must have been a part of her make up from the beginning.

I think her actions as mayor of Duluth need to be examined at this point.

URL: http://www.sfgate.com/news/crime/article/Ex-Gwinnett-leader-describes-bribery-as-common-3966997.php