Who needs drug sniffing dogs?

Who needs drug sniffing dogs when you can hire drug sniffing police officers. A Gwinnett County officer was able to detect the smell of “raw marijuana” that was inside of baggies inside a larger baggie.

According to the incident report, the Gwinnett County police officer approached the trailer from where the smell of raw marijuana was emanating and asked Cindy Marie Smith if there was raw marijuana in the trailer.

via Loganville Mother and Son Face Drug, Weapons Charges – Gwinnett, GA Patch.

While I’m suspicious of his claim it did allow him to talk his way into the trailer and at that point anything he saw is admissible in court.

There was another drug bust on a grow house here in Gwinnett that the police officers involved stated they tracked the house down by smell from half a mile away. I’m wondering why we even need to have a K-9 squad with the unique physical abilities our officers appear to have.

URL: http://gwinnett.patch.com/articles/loganville-mother-and-son-face-drug-weapons-charges

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